Drawing inspiration from Kartik Baba government working for development of state: Raghubar

Gumla: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that late Kartik Oraon was not only an engineer but was a man who was worshipped as a Massiaha by the tribals.

Addressing a programme organised at Badri village on the occasion of birth anniversary of Kartik Oraon he said that thoughts of Kartik Oraon were not honoured and some people continued to do politics in his name but no one tried to honour him. He said that Kartik Oraon had a dream to make changes in the lives of the poor and the tribals and the government was working to fulfill his dreams.

The Chief Minister called on the tribal community to protect their culture and said that true tributes will be paid to Kartik Oraon if the tradition is preserved in the modern time and said that events like this will help the coming generations to prepare their mentality to preserve their culture.

He said that several attempts were made to destroy the culture of the tribals however that tradition and culture was still intact and will continue to remain the same going forward into many more centuries.

Mr Das said that the government was not opposed to any religion but if forceful conversions take place then the government will take its own action and pointed that even Kartik Baba wanted that religious conversion law should be framed and the present government was successful in making it.

He said that Kartik Baba had laid stress on education as he wanted an educated society as without education development and prosperity cannot be imagined and his dream is being realised by the state government and he asked upon the people to send their children to the school as when they become educated then they would become aware which will ultimately lead to the progress and development.

He said for years the people were denied education and other basic amenities of life which are now being provided by the state government.

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